On 22 February, we shared with you on our Instagram profile and on our Facebook page, the names of the winners of the draw that we carry out every year at the end of Caravaning Alicante.
On this occasion, the innocent hand was a nice little girl who drew the three ballots of the three winners. The order of subtraction of the ballots is the order of awarding the three prizes; that is to say, the first ballot corresponds to the first prize, the second to the second etc...

On this occasion, the three prize-winners were:
1. The first prize, a weekend's rental of a motorhome, went to JOSÉ RIQUELME MARIN.
2. The second prize, 2 Crespo sun loungers, went to PATRICIA SANCHEZ.
3. And the third prize, a mountain bike, went to MARTA GRIGORIADIS.
Congratulations to the winners. We hope you enjoy them very much.